Stanford University Leads The Way With Modern Apps

Stanford University

I am thrilled to see that Stanford University is the first US higher education institution to enter theĀ new era with their new modern app for Windows 8.

I often cite Stanford’s unique and innovative practices as game-changing in our higher education market. So, it comes as no surprise that Stanford would continue to be the pacesetter in the new era of modern computing.

Get the Stanford University AppStanford University app for Windows in the Windows Store Preview

Learn more about Stanford University by Stanford University and download it from the Windows Store

Windows 8Schools and universities can get tools and resources to start building modern apps from the Windows Dev Center. There are also templates and guidance for building your first modern app.

You may be thinking, “who can build modern apps for our institution?”

If you have a school or campus web developer, you have a modern apps developer for Windows 8. Learn more at the Dev Center or go to camp.

Additionally, Microsoft is hosting Windows Camps around the world. You can check the schedule for a Windows Developer Camp here to find one in your area.

I look forward to celebrating your Windows 8 modern apps in our Store. Leave a comment below when your modern education app(s) are in the Store.

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