CSEdWeek: Beginner’s Resource Guide for App Developers – Updated

So you have a great idea for an app, but you do not know the first place to begin building it.  Well, you are in luck! The expanding world of developer opportunities are all here.

The resources and communities in this article are here to help you go from “Hello World” to world-changing app developer!  [10,000 hours of application development and software engineering not included] Microsoft has a vibrant and active communities of developers, developers, developers! So get involved and start expanding your social network with computer scientists.

Channel 9 is the community for developers using Microsoft tools. Add it to your favorites or pin the site to your desktop.  They have amazing videos on almost everything for the community.

MIX and Build are two of the most important developer conferences that Microsoft hosts throughout the year.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is the destination for papers, tutorials, and insight into all of our development platforms, technologies, and services.

Beginner Developer Learning Center is great place to start if you know nothing about programming or Computer Science. You will find latest version of Small Basic and more.

DreamSpark is the developer tools download site for free professional application development tools.




Windows Phone

Azure & Cloud


Enterprise and CRM





bingOnline Services


[Update] Added Beginner Developer Learning Center

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