Peeking Into Windows 8 [updated]

Ayla'sWorskpaceAs some of you may know, the sold-out //Build Windows Conference is this week in Anaheim, CA starting Tuesday, September 13. Build replaces the annual Professional Developers Conference (PDC) from years past.  However, the focus remains the same on how enterprise developers, software vendors, and independent developers can get the most from the Windows ecosystem.

Windows is now everywhere—from traditional PCs to the cloud—from smarter phones to automobiles and embedded in all points in between. The Build Windows Conference should be a point of discussion for Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors in college and in high school.  Moreover, it should be a point of discussion for business and design majors. I encourage teachers and students alike to peek into what is next from Microsoft at the Build Conference.

Educational technology solution providers and software developers will all be tuned into the //Build conference this week.  As an education leader, you should keep abreast of the highlights so that your school and campus planning can be better informed.  We will follow-up after the conference on education specific highlights for you.

In the interim, there are some official sources that I want to point you to this week for your own firsthand look and discovery:

Online Video

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News and Announcements

As always, feel free to comment here or at the official sites for a response from the product teams.