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SimCity is a rich and immersive experience for students learning the complexities and subtleties of the world we live in. From the decisions of where to place a road to what your city should have as a specialization, SimCity makes the complex decisions of our national, state, and local leaders approachable through play…(Read More)

Windows Inspir8ion

Windows Inspir8ion


A generation ago, I became a Microsoft fan with a revolutionary project codenamed: “Chicago.” That inspiration spawn a series of events that led me here. Who’s next…(Read More)


With the excitement and anticipation of Windows 8 building and the new era of digital device experiences on the horizon ; it is time to do a little housekeeping. According to a 2008 report from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household (CEA, 2008 ). If you work…(Read More)