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Microsoft Research Cliplets is an interactive app that will that will let you create the newspaper images from Hogwarts’ Daily Prophet.   Okay, maybe I used a little hyperbole in that introduction. However, when I first discovered MSR’s Cliplets–the images in the Daily Prophet came immediately to my mind. Cliplets can be made…(Read More)

ChronoZoom beta Cosmos Scale

New technologies from Microsoft Research are enabling scientists, researchers, and citizen scientists to build better narratives with big data. I talk with a lot of education stakeholders about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (collectively STEM) Education weekly. There is an urgent and nationwide need to bolster our high school and college graduates in…(Read More)

Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Groups Feature

This week at Microsoft Research’s 12th annual Faculty Summit, Project Hawaii student creations from over 20 universities will be on showcase.  Project Hawaii is an experimental program that provides students with tools, services, and equipment to create their own, cloud-enabled applications using Windows Azure (Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service) and…(Read More)

Microsoft Academic Search provides extensive discovery engine for academic papers and published scientific research. With a growing index of over 3 million papers, this may become a popular destination for academic researchers…(Read More)