You Can Judge A Book By Its Sensors

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Whether through pop-up books, textured art, enhanced audio pages, or scratch-n-sniff photos, writers have been attempting to engage our senses more fully when reading. Now, the emergence of low-costs sensors will enable reading to be deeply engaging.


“Bring Your Own Data”—the next debate

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While the conversation about whether students should bring their own devices seems pressing pressing now, it is not the consumerization shift we need to get our collective heads around next. The next debate will be about how do we enable students to ‚Äúbring your own data,‚ÄĚ not devices.

Windows 24/7

Journey to the next release of Windows

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The journey to the next release of Windows has begun with groundbreaking support for System on a Chip (SoC) architectures.  Keep reading after the break to learn what this means for students, e-textbooks, and collaborative learning.

Windows 7 Opens the Way to “Real” Electronic Textbook Adoption

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Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer kicked off CES 2010 in Las Vegas. It’s a long-held tradition with CES that Microsoft start the Consumer Electronics Show since so much of Microsoft’s software and technologies are interwoven into the fabric of our consumer lives.¬† There was a lot to see, but I want to spend a moment […]