Celebrate National Robotics Week Apr 7-15, 2012

Consumer robotics may represent the next era in computer science and consumer electronics. This is the week to learn more about what’s next in Robotics.

What's Next In Consumer Robotics

National Robotics Week 2012
Movies have depicted our future with robotics through cinema history.  Some of you may remember the robots from science fiction television series like Lost in Space or Star Trek: The Next Generation.  There were also great movies like Star Wars, The Terminator, Short Circuit, and A.I. Highly advanced computers, robots, and androids have been common protagonists and antagonists in all entertainment genre.  In the second decade of the 21st Century, we are ready to see science fiction become reality–well maybe not the Cyberdyne Systems T-800.

National Robotics Week...

This year is the third annual celebration of National Robotics Week.  It is a time to discover, learn, and build everything robotic.  There are a number of robotics competitions happening around the world to engage learners and provide a venue to demonstrate their competence.  Visit the National Robotics Week website to find learning resources and competitions.

Microsoft RoboticsMicrosoft Robotics
At Microsoft. we are providing the tools for students, professionals, and hobbyists to get started in robotics with the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS).  The Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio is free .NET programming environment for building robotics applications.  You can download the developer tools here to get started.

Now, with Kinect for Windows, students and hobbyists can build robotics applications that use sensors to see, hear, and respond to people, objects, and actions in the physical world.  Watch the video below to see the new RDS reference design for building robotics with Kinect for Windows.

Video: Kinect Follow Me Robot

Have fun  this week building the future.  Let me know what was your favorite movie or TV show featuring a robots, advanced computers, androids, or artificial intelligence in the comments below.

Robotics References:
Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Kinect for Windows

Robotics@Home Competition Site

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