Lync Mobile Clients Are Here!

Lync 2010 for Windows PhoneMicrosoft Lync 2010 mobile clients are now available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Symbian devices.  Lync 2010 mobile clients extend your Microsoft Lync unified communications infrastructure to consumer smartphones to provide presence, audio conferencing, IM, and advanced calling features. With Lync, you can finally have one phone number to rule them all.

My favorite two features are one-click audio conference calls and Single Number Reach.

One-Click Conferencing
It is a tedious task to remember conferencing call PIN numbers. Everyone has a different one and I do not remember my own.  It is dangerous to attempt to dial a conference call when operating a motor vehicle.  With Lync 2010 mobile on Windows Phone, I simply click the conference link and the conference calls me.  When I answer, I am automatically joined to the meeting with my identity (not a random phone number) already added to the meeting log. Lync mobile client gives you the productivity of sitting at a desk and the freedom of a mobile phone.

On the iPad, Lync 2010 pulls your Outlook Calendar into the client.  From your iPad, you simply tap the meeting and the conference server will call your desk, PC, or smartphone with simultaneous ring.

Lync 2010 for iPad - Meeting Events

Single Number Reach
Simultaneous ring is simply a modern marvel.  I provide all of my clients, partners, and colleagues a single number to reach me anywhere. Simultaneous ring is not call forwarding. Lync rings my Windows Phone, my desk phone, and PC at the same time.  Even without the Lync 2010 mobile client installed on your smart phone, you can have simultaneous ring available through the Lync 2010 infrastructure.

With the Lync 2010 mobile client, single number reach also works in reverse.

Lync 2010 for iPad. Contact View

Have you ever had to call someone from your mobile phone, but did not want them to have your personal mobile number?

In the past, we solved this problem by getting two phones –one for work and one for personal use. That is expensive and cumbersome.  Another solution was to have dual SIM cards on your mobile phone so that it could act like two phones.  It still requires two separate phone plans and is too cumbersome. The final solution is to withhold your number from their caller ID.  However, I do not know many people who answer UNKNOWN CALLER anymore in the age of caller ID. Lync 2010 mobile client solve the problem while keeping your professional life and personal life intact.

On my Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), I use Single Number Reach to dial out.  Essentially, Lync places the call on my behalf and provides the person I am attempting to reach my Microsoft caller ID for my direct phone number (not a switchboard.) Lync connects both parties and we carryon busy as usual.   Now that is sexy.

If you are using Microsoft Exchange 2010 with enterprise voice mail, if you miss a call on your mobile phone, the voicemail will go to your Outlook inbox, not your voicemail on your mobile provider. No more embarrassing “the person you are trying to reach, voicemail box is full” messages for people trying to call you. Moreover, once that voicemail is your Outlook inbox, Exchange will transcribe it to text so that you can read it or play it. It is a triple-play with Single Number Reach.

Lync is an enterprise-grade voice-over-internet protocol(VoIP) private branch exchange (PBX).  It is E-rate eligible for K12 schools and libraries. It provides all of the benefits of traditional PBX systems at a significantly lower cost of ownership and integration with institutional processes—not just dial tone.

Give Lync Power to the People
Lync 2010 mobile clients also embraces the consumerization of IT. Everyone does not need to have the same smartphone device or operating system. Letting faculty and staff choose their own device saves the institution money.  Besides, they were going to choose what they wanted with or without your blessing.  With Lync, you save money, provide consumer choice, and increase productivity for everyone.

Trust me when I say that it is a tremendous increase in productivity when you do not have to hunt people down at different phone numbers.

I have implemented and used several PBX systems in my career.  Lync takes the best ideas of the last generation and blends them with the magic of software to take unified communications to a new level.

Download the Mobile Apps for you Here.  Leave a comment below on your experience.

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