Facebook and Microsoft Office Enable New Communities

DOCS Microsoft FUSELABS (Future Social Experience Labs) has just sent me an email granting me access to their new social media application for Microsoft Office documents, known as Docs (Docs.com.)  Docs allows me to discover, create and share files on Facebook.  Docs is built on the innovation in Microsoft Office 2010 for Office Web Applications and now extends beyond Microsoft properties (e.g. Windows Live, SharePoint 2010.)

Where I forecast the real sizzle for Docs will be in creating communities of teachers and professors to share and collaborate on documents and lectures for their classrooms.  Docs reduces the friction by allowing people to connect and share with the contacts and friends they already have on Facebook.  So there is really nothing new to learn.  Moreover, there are no new usernames and passwords to create and remember.  Since Summer break is almost here, that will be one less thing for educators to remember and IT to reset in the fall.

I’ll be updating documents over the weekend and evaluating the experience.  Since I have been participating in the Windows Live Office Web Applications Beta, I do not expect too much of a difference.  The documents supported are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can start creating your Community of Practice by going to Docs.com to sign-up with your existing Facebook account.  Enjoy!


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