Making a Difference: Louisiana Jobs For America’s Graduates Program

JAGYesterday, I had a great visit with the good people of Louisiana at Governor Jindal’s Mansion. The Louisiana Jobs for America’s Graduates has shown a 93% effective graduation rate on helping students complete their high school diploma. It was phenomenal and uplifting to hear the personal stories of the students and how JAG has changed their today and their tomorrow.

A few students were surprised by remarks regarding STEM-related job opportunities for the future. The jobs are emerging, STEM-roles will be the high-wage careers, and we need more US graduates ready to take them. JAG addresses a key pillar of our “real American Recovery” –getting students that dropped out to come back and graduate with a high school diploma or GED. Now that these students can go to college, that is a major step towards getting more students immersed in STEM-related degrees.

I have included this video from C-SPAN to help expand the conversation. Feel free to share your comments below.

Thank you Louisiana, JAG, and LA DOE for the great hospitality. Congratulations JAG Students on your accomplishments!