KARA: Immersive Gaming Simulation Evokes Emotion

My Name Is Kara

Immersive learning is a multi-sensory experience.  What would happen if digital characters could evoke emotion and the need to care in students?

This technical demo illustrates the potential of storytelling in contemporary gaming consoles to evoke emotions in players. The short KARA narrative, detailed motion capture, and acting add a new level of realism to gaming only match by life.

KARA was created only as a technical demonstration to explore emotion in gaming.  Traditional motion capture techniques separates the actor’s performance capture and motion capture. The gaming studios then stitch the two performances together.  In order for the emotion to fully come through, the designers at Quantic Dream built new techniques and gaming engines to bring actor Valerie Curry’s performance to life.

Read a more detailed analysis on MSNBC and watch the technical showcase video:  http://educto.co/karaemo

Also, watch KARA’s creator, David Cage talk about the technology and art behind the technical showcase.

Video: http://youtu.be/cCrKxPz-2Vk

Source: YouTube

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One Response to "KARA: Immersive Gaming Simulation Evokes Emotion"
  1. Motion capture as a bridge across the uncanny valley? Perhaps not yet but its getting closer. An asymetrical nod, a wry smile, still things only a human can do, but blended better than I’ve ever seen here in this gambit.

    How much of Kara’s success, is Valerie? I think a lot!