Come and Play on Sesame Street, Really Let’s Play


I cannot imagine a world without Sesame Street.  The Sesame Workshop (formerly Children’s Television Workshop) has been an instrumental part of learning and childhood for youngsters everywhere.

It is a uniquely American institution that has gone global.

I can still remember all of the Bert and Ernie memorabilia my brother and I shared as children. A generation later, Elmo has been the iconic citizen of Sesame Street for my daughter’s early learning.

During Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Sesame Workshop unveiled what the next generation of Sesame Street youngsters will experience. It was nothing short of amazing.

Video: Microsoft CES2012 Keynote with Sesame Workshop

This new Sesame Workshop experience is part of the Kinect for Kids Playful Learning Initiative announced fall 2011.

Helping kids get a head start on learning, early in their academic careers, is crucial to everything that comes later.  At NBC’s Education Nation 2011, we learned that our brains are wired for learning the moment we are born. I wrote about this an earlier Higher Innovation article.

Sesame Workshop has a long track record of helping pre-Kindergarten learners get ready for school and life.  Through toys and television, Sesame Workshop has always strove to make those experiences as interactive as the technology of the day would permit.

tn_bert-n-ernieNow, Sesame Workshop is making their television programming directly interactive with Kinect for Kids.  It is a first of its kind experience.  The next generation of students will be able to take a digital walk on Sesame Street and actually meet Bert, Ernie, and Elmo.

Ah, to be a kid again.

Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street. Consider making a gift to support children learning everywhere in 2012.

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