State University of New York Harnesses Microsoft Cloud Power

Logo_SUNYLIVE@EDUToday, 465,000 State University of New York (SUNY) students across 64 campuses in the “Empire State” of New York are taking to the cloud with Microsoft Live@edu. SUNY, the largest university system in our nation, joins New York City Board of Education, the largest school district in our nation, as leaders using Microsoft Cloud Power. This strengthens Generation SUNY’s strategic goal to have a “seamless education pipeline” for K20 education in the State of New York. This is good news for SUNY and good for the economy of the Empire State.

The SUNY decision is the direction of many higher education leaders seeking to reduce the rising cost of higher education for their students with cloud computing from Microsoft. Moreover, SUNY students get the modern capabilities they need with Office Web Applications to communicate and work collaboratively together in and out of class—a critical skill for learning and life.  These world-class cloud services are not only cutting costs, but ensuring that SUNY students are ready and capable for the connected global workplace.

This is bigger than free email. It always has been. This is about a tectonic shift in how business, learning, entertainment, medicine, leisure, and life will be experienced with the power of the cloud.  The schools and universities that lead this next digital decade to the cloud will be better positioned financially and entrepreneurially to take their school innovation to the next level. SUNY will be that system.

SUNY is using Microsoft to accelerate its ability to harness cloud power for their students, faculty, alumni, and the region. The resources recovered by using the Microsoft Live@edu service can now be used to help drive the fulfillment of the Power of SUNY—the university system’s strategic plan.

At Monroe Community College in SUNY, they are already planning how they are going to take the $600,000 five-year savings created by Microsoft Live@edu to fulfill the Power of SUNY. By using the Microsoft Live@edu cloud to become a greener campus, Monroe is ready to tackle bigger challenges for their students, school, and region.

You can learn more about Live@edu and the Microsoft Cloud with the links below:

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