Bing Gets Sexy for Summer


Tonight, I have been watching HBO in my hotel room while catching up on news and email.  While reading an email from Satya Nadella and a blog post from Ina Fried, I saw that we had updated some new features for Bing.  I wanted to highlight a few that caught my attention at first glance.

Bing Finance
Earlier, I checked my Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) share price on Bing.  As a shareholder, that piece of news is always important.  Now, stock symbols appear in Bing Finance. The entire interface has been revamped to include real-time price updates every 30 seconds and a Silverlight-based, interactive historical view with key events.  A new section for Top Market Cap Stocks for comparative companies has been added.  If you are a trader or a B-school student, this page is a great starting point for making an investment decision.

Bing Finance

Bing Music
During the program on HBO, one of the characters sang a classic Sam Cooke ballad, “Bring It On Home to Me.” I was entranced in a fond memory and wanted to hear it again, so I Binged “Sam Cooke” and voila, all of Sam’s discography and music was available for playback and purchase in Bing Music.  According Satya, you can play the full song once and any play thereafter will be a thirty-second sample. Microsoft has made arrangements with the record labels and major distributors to make this worthwhile.

Bing Music

Bing Videos
Bing Videos gets an impressive update with full-length broadcast programming from Hulu, CBS, and other providers. This is a content library that will continue expand over time.

Bing Videos featuring Hulu
These updates will reduce the number of sites I visit for stocks, music, and videos by at least four. There is more than I have not dug into since I am now watching Stargate Universe.  As you find out more new things on Bing, leave me a note below.