Modernize Your Nonprofit Organization with Office 365

Microsoft is enabling qualifying nonprofit organizations to use Office 365 for their mission for free or a greatly reduced subscription fee.

Steve Ballmer Shares Vision for the Modern Office Era

How do you spell, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

There are so many reasons why I love being a Microsoftie. This is another one.  For so many school foundations, parent-teacher organizations, and other qualifying nonprofit organizations can now take full advantage of the cloud–safe, private, and resilient.

What is Office 365 for Nonprofits?

Table Graphic: Office 365 for NonProfits

* Please note the trial is for Enterprise E3 for Nonprofits, but signing up for that trial starts the process of receiving E1 as a donation.

Office 365 is the new modern Office you know, love, and run your organization on now–delivered through the Cloud as a service to all of your computing and mobile devices. Instead of naming all of the features, let’s talk about why it is important. The first for me is the ability to plan a meeting–at a physical location or in online. You have a robust, shared calendaring system that allows your whole team to plan and work more effectively.  Getting the best results from your team and the time available is one of the smart benefits of a real enterprise calendar.

However, I stated that you can plan a meeting in a physical place or a virtual one. With Office 365, you can now expand your mission to more places and time zones by meeting online. Even more, the ability to host and participate in an online meeting is more amazing from your smartphone or tablet. Just one click and your participating real-time in a high-definition video conference with presentations, shared notes, and all the trimmings.

You can conduct surveys of your members, donors, or stakeholders and have the data instantly ready to present for decision-making with Office Web Apps. My favorite is the ability to work on projects in real-time and securely shared those documents with external stakeholders without worrying about formatting issues or loss of fidelity for participants with accessibility needs.

For those nonprofits advancing the state of education, you get an added benefit–the ability to connect to your local schools with Office 365 for Education.  Finally, it will appear as if you are all on the same page. Imagine that!

Find out if your organization qualifies by clicking or tapping here. Once you determine your eligibility, sign-up. Next, I expect you to start showcasing how professional your nonprofit organization truly is by using a professional messaging platform that only the sender and the recipient are reading the mail with no ads. Was that a dig? Yes, I think so. However, you want people to give their time, treasure, and talent to an organization that protects its participants and its beneficiaries, right?

I thought so, too.

If you are thinking about starting a nonprofit, here is another catalyst to help you provide more resources to your mission. Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.  More than anything, please share this with all of your nonprofit colleagues and help them raise the bar and lower the expenses at the same time.

Office 365 for Nonprofits

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