AMD (Insights…CES 2013 Part 5 of 5)

AMD brings exciting new devices and performance to CES 2013.

Vizio Tablet PC with Windows 8 and AMD SoC

AMD has been known for making the PC super affordable. Now, AMD is bringing their x86 SoC technologies to Windows 8 with high style and performance.

Natural user interface (NUI) experiences are clearly in focus for AMD’s next generation processors. Motion-based gestures are now a part of the platform. This provides consumers with the ability to use their hand-motions without touch on their mobile devices similar to the Kinect for Xbox 360. Additionally, AMD-based devices will feature facial-recognition for biometric passwords. Now to login Windows, just look at your PC.

Because of AMD’s traditional rich PC chip heritage combined with their rich graphics processing capabilities, it is really no surprise that all of the AMD devices offer loads of computational horsepower and HD graphics. The reference designs shown at the press conference signal a modern era of affordable HD and 3D graphics everywhere.

One of the most exciting announcements from CES was the Vizio Tablet PC, powered by AMD and Windows 8. It is an attractive full HD tablet. Of special note, Vizio is making all of their computers in the United States as a bonus.

This is clearly an exciting year for AMD.  They will be the first company to offer both x86-based and ARM-based SoC processors into the market. This creates even more competition at the component level that we all benefit from as consumers. I anticipate a lot more is coming from our old friends at AMD.

A short clip of AMD’s press conference is below. Checkout the expanded universe of Windows devices coming soon from AMD.

Video: AMD Immersive Experiences and the Low Power Space