Introducing Microsoft Surface…

No longer just TV fantasy…Now you can finally have your own Microsoft logo’d device…and it’s a beauty.

Steve Ballmer talks Surface

Microsoft Surface debuted in Los Angeles, California today at a super secret press conference.  And I do mean super secret.  It was fun reading the predictions of what some thought it might or might not be. With that in mind, there is going to be a lot written and speculated about Surface over the next week as the media and enthusiasts dig for details.  So I will let you ferret out that information from your favorite sources.  In the meantime, I will share what is known.

Manufacturing is still pending so some specifications are subject to slight change. Microsoft Surface is thinner than other popular tablets at just 9.3mm. The new Touch Cover is 3mm thin and uses a unique pressure sensitive technology to double as a keyboard and trackpad while providing protection for the new ClearType HD display.  It only runs the reimagined Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface is a new family of devices for Windows. So expect a lot more news as we get closer to the Windows 8 general availability.

Your first source for news: or read the full press release here.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and photos for the new Microsoft Surface.

Video: Microsoft Surface unveiling

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3 Responses to "Introducing Microsoft Surface…"
  1. I am part of a school district com. looking for devices to help our school go 1:1. Does anyone have a chart or comparision of features between surface, chromebook, ipads? We are in the middle of the feasability vs. functionality of each device. Money is tight so cost is a HUGE factor.

    • Hi Dachelo. I’m not sure a comparison chart would help you in your decision-making. The three devices that you outline are not the same the things: a PC, a browser, and a phone. I would recommend that you make a rubric of the learning outcomes you want to achieve for students and teachers; then match the capabilities of the technologies that will enable you to achieve them and more. Thank you for your question.