NSF and Microsoft ask U.S. Researchers to Dream the Impossible

In a bold move to spur and sustain U.S. innovation, Microsoft and the National Science Foundation announced an agreement to provide next-generation cloud computing power for researchers in government and academia at no cost, based on the NSF merit review process.  This is a great opportunity for colleges and universities researchers to work collaboratively on [...]

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Bing Maps for Redistricting and Campus Orientation

There are many components of school operations that would be better communicated visually through maps. Bing Maps has the capabilities to help you raise monies for capital projects, communicate redistricting, engage learners, and create a social network for prospective college students. Moreover, the price tag will help you save money while you innovate.

Windows 7 Opens the Way to “Real” Electronic Textbook Adoption

Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer kicked off CES 2010 in Las Vegas. It’s a long-held tradition with CES that Microsoft start the Consumer Electronics Show since so much of Microsoft’s software and technologies are interwoven into the fabric of our consumer lives.  There was a lot to see, but I want to spend a moment [...]