Years ago, I began a conversation with educators and leaders about the convergence of education and innovation.  The goal of the conversation remains the same–advance the state-of-the-art in learning and academic research. As time passed, those conversations became entwined with policy-making, new pedagogical approaches, and the unbridled creativity of learners at every level.

Yet, for all the talk, we have done more to digitize learning and not enough to transform learning. For developed and developing nations that still is the greatest opportunity. However, the time to seize this transformative opportunity is running out.

In my own lifetime, I have been witness to how a lack of political courage and economic vision for a city and state can create shortcomings and missed opportunities for their citizens. Because these missed opportunities take decades to reveal themselves, they are inherently black swans. In the present day, we see how the rhetoric of national economic and education conversations are carving a path towards a brighter future for all or greater opportunities for only a few.

The choice for the path we takehoweverremains in the hands of the highest office in the landcitizen.

If you found this open conversation, I welcome you and challenge you to jump into the deep end with me. We have long passed the point where we can take it slow. The high school graduating class of 2030 are already here. If we are going to prepare them to thrive in an incredible future, we collectively better pick up the pace of our execution to match innovation.

We have a lot to learn and much more to achieve together!

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